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Experienced Lawn Care

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Comprehensive Lawn Assessments

Do you want your lawn to look its best but aren't sure what needs to be done to it? Then, get in touch with Prairie Winds Lawn & Landscaping, LLC. You'll receive a comprehensive assessment for your residential or commercial project. Our professional staff will make sure your yard looks the way you want it to.


Support your locally owned and operated landscaper today and let a team with over 15 years of experience handle your yard maintenance needs!

Yard maintenance services include:

  • Fertilizing

  • Expert tree pruning

  • Full nursery upkeep

  • Tree and lawn maintenance

Residential and commercial services

In addition to lawn maintenance, you can also receive professional landscaping and snow removal services from us. We're your one-stop shop for all your yard maintenance and general landscaping needs!

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  • Mowing and trimming

  • New tree installation

  • Planting

  • Tree, shrub, and plant care — trim, edge, fertilize, and mulch

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